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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #96

Thanks to Masahiro Tanimoto, I now have a copy of the reference for
_Tianzhenosaurus youngi_:

Pang Q. & Cheng Z., 1998. "A new ankylosaur of Late Cretaceous from Tianzhen,
Shanxi," Progress in Natural Science 8(3): 326?334 [June 1998].

The article is in English. This is the first article I've seen from this
journal. Herewith, the abstract:

"A new ankylosaur (_Tianzhenosaurus youngi_ gen. et. sp. nov.) is described
based on the specimens from the Upper Cretaceous Huiquanpu Formation, Tianzhen
County, Shanxi Province. Morphologically it is similar to _Saichania
chulsanensis_ from the Upper Cretaceous Barun Goyot Formation in the Nemegt
Basin, Mongolian Gobi Desert, but different from the latter in smaller and
isosceles triangular skull, long premaxilla, nearly parallel maxillary tooth
rows with slightly narrower posterior width than snout width, and vertical
posttemporal region with a narrow and vertically expanded occipital condyle.
The new discovery significantly enriched the ankylosaur fossil record in
China, and has an important bearing on understanding the evolution, migration,
and geographical distribution of the Late Cretaceous ankylosaurids."

The skull is beautiful! Unfortunately, no mention is made of the ankylosaur
_Shanxia tianzhenensis_, published in JVP 18(2) within days of the publication
of _Tianzhenosaurus youngi_, from a different locality in the same formation.
(Nor does the _Shanxia_ paper mention the _Tianzhenosaurus_ paper.) The
specimens are similar but I don't think congeneric.