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Re: Venomous (should be septic) Theropod Biting

Rabies is a desease which shows pathology in brain tissue.  Does rabies
leave any pathology in bone?  Could this pathology be recognised in the
fossil record?

Is it possible rabies existed alongside dinosaurs?

Would anyone happen to know off hand what the earliest known occurance
of rabies was?

-Betty Cunningham
(whose had her rabies pre exposure shots and is just curious)

Darren Tanke wrote:
 However, the possibility of a SEPTIC bite is very real. Any animal
> today has a mouth full of bacteria, and if it engages in inter- or
> intraspecific biting, pathogens can readily be transmitted. Just think of
> the automatic rabies fear and rigorous medical treatment provided when
> someone is bitten by a dog.