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Venomous Non-Avian Mosasaur Biting

  Darren Tanke's post about theropod face bites was certainly most
interesting. There are some mosasaur skulls that are almost painful to look at
due to ferocious bite marks. The dentition of Mosasaurus conodon is just plain
scary, strong and sharp. I have to draw these things and they really bother
me, tyrannosaurs not withstanding.
  My question is about the Gland of Gabe, which I have been told is the poison
gland in the lower jaw of the varanoid Helodermids like the Gila Monster.
Could this have been present in mosasaurs? Could it have been present in
  And Darren, please don't lurk. I'm sure we would all like to hear from you
on a regular basis. Dan Varner.