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Re: Ornithoms, Parrots, and others

In a message dated 11/11/98 7:33:15 PM EST, A.Yates@zoo.latrobe.edu.au writes:

<< In conclusion I'd say that Tom is backing a winner. >>

Tom is also backing BCF, perhaps unwittingly. Both BCF and BADD predict pre-
archaeopterygid dromaeosaurids and other maniraptorans. This alone is not a
criterion that will distinguish between the two scenarios. A preponderance of
unquestionably ground-dwelling, cursorial pre-archaeopterygid maniraptorans
might support BADD over BCF. BADD predicts virtual absence of small, arboreal
maniraptorans (tough to establish >absence< when fossil record is so poor!)
until just before appearance of _Archaeopteryx_; BCF predicts >lots< of small
(bird-size), arboreal maniraptorans throughout Jurassic and perhaps even as
far back as Late Triassic.