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RE: Ornithoms, Parrots, and others (long)

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        You can always run a different program on the same matrix and see
what turns
        up; or you can stick more characters in the matrix and run the
program again;
        or you can do both. If you're really lucky, your results will
reinforce one
        another, but usually they don't. Then you're back to square one, I

        George's approach is a good idea.  You might wish to look for strong
interactions between
        Characters within the matrix, as well.  This occurs in nature all
the time, where 2 (or more) characters interact to give a result that is
different from any one character alone.
        I wonder if anyone has ever run a JMP (Microsoft data analysis
software) on data like this?
        I bet it would work or at least provide some interesting insights.