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Archosaur Dentition

chris brochu wrote:
>  If you don't
> >believe in tooth identifications you would have to explain why the tooth
> >characters that can be used to diagnose K coelurosaur groups suddenly no
> >longer diagnose these groups when you dip below the J-K boundary.
> I, for one, will not accept archosaur taxon ID's beyond a course taxonomic
> level, unless the teeth in question are from units where you also find them
> attached to a skull.  They're about the most plastic part of an archosaur,
> evolve more rapidly than anything else, can vary within a population more
> than just about any part, and can mislead very easily.
        Nice.  You could have also mentioned perhaps that none of us have 
done the homework necessary to see what the rates and parameters of any 
of those points you made actually are either...

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