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Re: Dino eggshells found in Japan

(Posted to the Dino List by permission from Kazuo.)

> Subj:  RE:  Dino eggshells found in Japan
>  Date:        11/12/98 6:45:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
>  From:        pantheon@kw.netlaputa.or.jp (Kazuo Takahashi)
>  To:  MKIRKALDY@aol.com
>  Hello!
>  I read yourmail at CMNH archive.
>  You can see eggshells photo at this site(Mainichi Shimbun) Shimbun means
>  Newspaper).
>  http://aulos.mainichi.co.jp/indigo/news/9811/11/52.html
>  Realplayer site(Yomiuri Shimbun)
>  http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/stream/main/metafile/ye11-04.ram
>  ?°?³?p???e?I???§?ì?@???´?@?a?j?@Kazuo Takahashi
>  http://www.NetLaputa.ne.jp/~pantheon/

Additional information from Kazuo:
>  thickness of shells is 0.7mm to1.2mm.
>  The egg shells are presumed theropod's egg since their form.
>  they found adult and juvenile fossils of  dromaeosauridae near this
>  site last year.(You can see photo at Fukui prefevtural museum site.)
>  http://www.pref.fukui.jp/Dinosaur-fukui/Dino/Exca/61-4.html
>  There is a possibility that they belong to dromaeosauridae .

>  If you are interested in paleo art,please visit one of my site.
>  I posted Seiji Yamamoto's illustrations.
>  http://www.NetLaputa.ne.jp/~pantheon/yamamoto/index.html