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RE: Galtonia vs Pekinosaurus

The species Galtonia gibbidens was first described as Thecodontosaurus
gibbidens by Cope in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Vol 17b (177) in 1878, and was in 1994 redescribed by Hunt and Lucas in :
Hunt, Adrian P. and Lucas, S. P. 1994. Ornithischian dinosaurs from the  
Upper Triassic of the United States. In: In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs, 
Early Mesozoic Tetrapods. Edited by Nicholas C. Fraser and Hans-Dieter 
Sues, Cambridge University Press: 227-241. 
Pekinosaurus olseni was also described in the paper of 1994 by Hunt,
Adrain and Lucas.

I hope these references will be helpfull.

Nick Snels