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To answer Betty's question....  The new spinosaur that Sereno has, will be
named _Suchomimus tenerensis_ tomorrow (Friday 13 November 1998) in Science.
If Tom is right, and that this is the same thing as the new material assigned
to _Spinosaurus morocoensis_ (and if that assignment is correct), a new
combination of _Suchomimus morocoensis_ might be correct.  This thing has a
really really really long face.  At SVP Sereno suggested that Charig and
Milner, and Paul's reconstructions of _Baryonyx_ were too short.  There is a
lot of new spinosaur stuff coming out now :-) Very exciting.

Everyone get the paper.  This one is neat, I will comment more on it, when I
read it :-)

Hahahaha and people thought spinosaurs were weird because of their long neural
spines :-)

Peter Buchholz