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Re: new report of new Saharan spinosaur thingie

Betty wrote:
>it has 100 teeth and ate fish and was related to spinosaurs.
>sadly however I missed anything else from the tv news, such as name and
>Tom, oh witholder of info until the proper time???  Can you tell us
>about this now?
There's a paper by Paul Sereno et al in the 13 November Science, and a
perspective by Tom who couldn't say more before the embargo. The Science
web site has the Sereno paper availalbe for free access at
http://www.sciencemag.org/content/current/. I'm not sure if Tom's
perspective is available to nonsubscribers, but it comes with nice drawings
of the critter, Suchomimus, which is a spinosaur related to Barynoyx but
larger and more complete.

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