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new report of new Saharan spinosaur thingie

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>it has 100 teeth and ate fish and was related to spinosaurs.
sadly however I missed anything else from the tv news, such as name and

Tom, oh witholder of info until the proper time???  Can you tell us
about this now?

        The new spinosaurid is called (get ready for a great
name)..._Suchomimus_.  The article (by Paul Sereno and cohorts) is in the
new issue of _Science_, and the journal is being kind enough to give
_free_access_ to the article on their web page (www.sciencemag.org).  One
of the more interesting aspects of the article is that the authors regard
the new spinosaurid described just in the last few months
(_Cristatusaurus_) as a _nomen dubium_...that's gotta be one of the fastest
"get-named-then-get-discarded" turnarounds in taxonomic history...

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