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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #100

Appropriately for the 100th installment of the Dinosaur Genera List
corrections, I report publication of the spectacular new baryonychine
spinosaurid genus and species, _Suchomimus tenerensis_, which appears in
today's issue of _Science_. It also made the national evening news. Here is
the citation:

Sereno, P. C., Beck, A. L., Dutheil, D. B., Gado, B., Larsson, H. C. E., Lyon,
G. H., Marcot, J. D., Rauhut, O. W. M., Sadleir, R. W., Sidor, C. A.,
Varricchio, D. J., Wilson, G. P. & Wilson, J. A., 1998. "A Long-Snouted
Predatory Dinosaur from Africa and the Evolution of the Spinosaurids," Science
282(5392): 1298?1302 [November 13, 1998].

No less than 13 coauthors, a new record for the number of coauthors of the
description of a dinosaurian new genus and species, eclipsing the previous
record of nine. Do not miss the related article in the same issue:

Holtz, T. R., Jr., 1998. "Spinosaurs as Crocodile Mimics," Science 282(5392):
1276?1277 [November 13, 1998].

This becomes genus #842 in the Dinosaur Genera List:

Suchomimus Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Gado, Larsson, Lyon, Marcot, Rauhut,
Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, G. P. Wilson & J. A. Wilson, 1998