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Re: new report of new Saharan spinosaur thingie

In a message dated 11/13/98 3:01:59 AM EST, 102354.2222@compuserve.com writes:

<< One
 of the more interesting aspects of the article is that the authors regard
 the new spinosaurid described just in the last few months
 (_Cristatusaurus_) as a _nomen dubium_...that's gotta be one of the fastest
 "get-named-then-get-discarded" turnarounds in taxonomic history... >>

It's possible that _Cristatusaurus_ was nomendubiumized so that the authors
could avoid referring their specimen to that taxon (or, ditto, to
_Sigilmassasaurus, or to _Spinosaurus maroccanus_...). >Nah!< Perish the