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RE: Nature

For Nature Lovers,

The journals Nature and Science are the leading peer-reviewed general 
science journals that occasionally cover dinosaurs. Both are weekly and 
pricey. Here is some information taken directly from the Nature website.

Hope this helps.
--Thom Holmes, dinosaur author at large

Nature Website:

Nature's blurb, from its website:

 Nature, the leading multidisciplinary scientific weekly in the

 Top for citations
 Nature is consistently ranked as the #1
 Multidisciplinary Science journal by the
 independent Institute of Scientific
 Information*. Because Nature covers
 research from life sciences to physical
 sciences, from chemistry to Earth
 sciences, you can be confident that you
 will be the first to read the most
 significant original research results from
 ALL fields.

 The authoritative publication
 With its #1 impact factor of 28.417, Nature is the most highly cited
 journal in its category. Separate studies** indicate that Nature is read
 every week by over 630,000 readers worldwide. Scientists rely on
 Nature every week as THE authoritative publication to keep them fully

 Nature's clear presentation is designed to offer you maximum
 accessibility. Each week you can read the best original research, plus
 internationally important news and informed analysis. For more
 information, see the Guide to Nature.

 Nature Online
 Your personal or student subscription includes free access to Nature
 Online - giving you all the content from the printed edition, from 00.01
 GMT every Thursday. You can use the online edition to browse this
 week's issue and print the articles you most want to read in HMTL and

 Nature Online is supported by links to the ISI Web of Science
 Abstracts Database, suggesting related papers for your own
 particular interests, and giving you access to the abstracts of most
 papers cited in the references of Nature papers.

 Click here to order any of the Nature publications.

 *ISI, JCI Citation Reports, PA, USA
 **Nature Readership Survey, UK
 ***GMT: Greenwich Mean Time

 Nature ? Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998 Registered No. 785998 England.


 Personal 1 year, $159

 Personal 2 year, $275

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 Student* 1 year, $85

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For camparative information about Science, go to its website at: 

On Wednesday, November 11, 1998 11:46 PM, DinosOMP [SMTP:padron@online.no] 
> Anybody on the list, who subscribes the Nature magazine:
> Can you please give me some info on what kind of articles it has, how
> serious it is, and what it costs annually?
> Thanks!
> -DinosOMP
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