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RE: Rahonavis (was Re: Ornithoms, Parrots, and others)

At 09:57 AM 11/13/98 +1100, Adam Yates wrote:

>I suspected that _Rahonavis_ would fall out as a deinonychosaur in my
>phylogeny, but in my latest runs it comes out as a basal avialian
>(closer to
>birds than to dromaeosaurs).  However, as it is so fragmentary, and as
>newer specimens of dromaeosaurids from both the Cloverly and Mongolia
>showing a wider ranger of morphologies within that taxon, I wouldn't be
>terribly surprised if it didn't make the hop over to the dromaeo-side of
>This suprises me, I thought that the case for the avian status of Rahonavis
>was quite good, judging from the original description in Science.

There are some basal avian characters in _Rahonavis_ which are not yet known
in dromaeosaurids, but as I noted we are now finding a greater diversity of
morphologies within Dromaeosauridae.

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