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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #100

G.O. writes:

>No less than 13 coauthors, a new record for the number of coauthors of the
>description of a dinosaurian new genus and species, eclipsing the previous
>record of nine. Do not miss the related article in the same issue:

Intersting side-note -- For a contender for all-time longest author list, see:

Shoshani, J. et al. [76 coauthors].  1980. An abstract on the dissection of
a female Asian elephant _Elephas maximus maximus_ (Linnaeus, 1758).
Elephant 1(4): 44-46.

Haven't taken the time to hunt this one down yet, but supposedly the author
list is longer than the abstract!  Enjoy,

                       --John R. Hutchinson