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Re: Suchomimus imagery

In a message dated 98-11-13 11:55:30 EST, you write:

 Suchy is getting lots of publicity;  it even made the Reno NV Gazette
 Journal, which is a Gannett newspaper so I assume it must be proliferating
 all around the Gannett chain.  Jane D.

  The other day I was talking about how nasty and sharp Mosasarus dentition
looked. Move over! This thing gives you a migraine just to look at it. 
  So far it's hard to tell from the news releases, but it seems like Dave
Varricchio found this. The December Geographic will have more, I guess. They
always put out their best stuff around the Holiday Season so you'll
resubscribe. Then for the rest of the year it's stories about the Corn Palace
in Mitchell, South Dakota. (That was a joke!) Dan Varner.