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Re: Deinocheirus, and spinosaur systematics

> Sereno et omnia refer the type and most referred material of _Spinosaurus
> maroccanus_ to _S. aegyptiacus_, and cannot distinguish _Cristatusaurus_
> from _Baryonyx_ on anatomical grounds.

Sereno et al. also sink _Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis_ into the 
species _Carcharodontosaurus saharicus_, claiming that the differences 
cited by Russell between the two (all of which pertain to the 
cervicals) are questionable.

They also suggest that _Angaturama limai_ is a junior synonym of 
_Irritator challengeri_ (with the material perhaps coming from the 
same individual!), but Sereno et al. are not the first to say this 
(as they note).

Add to that their assertions that _Cristatusaurus lapparenti_ and 
_Spinosaurus maroccanus_ are nomina dubia, and Sereno and co have 
sent four dinosaur species to the chopping block.  All were named in 
the past ten years.

By the way, anybody have a species name for Owen's _Suchosaurus_ from 


> Oh, and there now is a morphological feature by which spinosaur teeth can be
> distinguished from crocodilian teeth: the enamel of spinosaurs have a
> characteristic wrinkled texture (Milner has described this in some of her
> talks).
> Oh, and for measurement freaks, the femur of _Suchomimus_ is 1075 mm,
> putting it into _Daspletosaurus_ and _Gorgosaurus_ (and young
> _Tyrannosaurus_) range.
> More later,
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