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Re: Deinocheirus, and spinosaur systematics

In a message dated 11/13/98 1:22:42 PM EST, TWILLIAMS@canr1.cag.uconn.edu

<< They also suggest that _Angaturama limai_ is a junior synonym of 
 _Irritator challengeri_ (with the material perhaps coming from the 
 same individual!), but Sereno et al. are not the first to say this 
 (as they note). >>

Considering that the holotype of Irritator challengeri is in a German museum
and the holotype of Angaturama limai is in a Sao Paulo museum, it is
incredibly unlikely that they're from the same individual. But stranger things
have happened. Don't have my references handy, but I think there may be enough
overlap in the specimens to preclude their coming from the same individual.
(Would be good if someone could check this...).