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Fwd: Deinocheirus, and spinosaur systematics

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In a message dated 98-11-13 16:02:47 EST, you write:

 In a message dated 11/13/98 3:31:17 PM EST, Danvarner writes:
 << I love fossil stories. >>
 Then I strongly urge you to read
 Kohl, Michael F. & McIntosh, John S., 1998. _Discovering Dinosaurs in the Old
West: The Field Journals of Arthur Lakes_, Smithsonian Institution Press:
xviii + 198 pp.
 First-hand accounts of the discoveries of the type specimens of _Apatosaurus
ajax_, _Stegosaurus armatus_, and loads of other Marsh taxa. Terrific book,
order from Amazon and it's at your doorstep in about three days. Low cover
price, too. >>

  Dear Dinogeorge, I was really talking about events from the later part of
this century.
   And besides, I have a great deal of loyalty to Jane Davidson. What would
she think of me awaiting "loads of Marsh taxa" on my doorstep? Besides, Lakes'
watercolors were full of swipes from Chas.R.Knight's watercolors done under
the direction of America's "Bone Sharp". Dan Varner.

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