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Re: Deinocheirus

Christopher Srnka wrote:

<I haven't seen the actual specimen for _Deinocheirus mirificus_, and
I've only seen a few photos and drawings of the same, but the sight of
_Suchomimus tenerensis_ reminded me of the famous forelimbs of
_Deinocheirus_. Is there any speculation that _Deinocheirus_ was an
advanced Spinosaur? Just wondering, and forgive my ignorance.>

  There is little likelihood of the two being _too_ similar to each
other as close as you suggest. The speculation that *Deinocheirus* is
related to *Baryonyx* does indeed go back some way, back to Norman
(1983) in his _Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_; of course,
therein Bary is unnamed as of yet and was considered a possible
dromie. Things change. Presently, the form of the wrist and hand of
*Deinocheirus* shows it is clearly an ornithomimosaurian, with the
hand similar to *Pelecanimimus* (me, personal obsv.) in that the
metacarpals are highly emarginated and mcI appresses mcII along its
entire length and is almost as long. That and the form of the ulna and

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