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Suchomimus vs Baryonyx: Dare to Compare

A couple comparison questions for Tom, or anyone else who would care to take a
stab at it.

Regarding Baryonyx and Suchomimus, just how similar were their skulls?

I always thought that Baryonyx had the wider more generalized crocodile, type
skull for taking down creatures by the shore, while _Suchomimus terenensis_
(which IMHO has the best name of any deino) seems to be the gharial of the
deinosaur world.

While I never liked the idea of Baryonyx, or even Spinosaurus being purely
piscivorous, I have no doubt in my mind that this is what Suchomimus did. With
a jaw like that,  what else could it possibly do.

Other things regarding skulls. Did Suchomimus outnumber Baryonyx in teeth
count? 100 was the estimate for Suchomimus correct?

I read through the paper, so I might have missed the answers to my questions
in there.

Still any and all comparisons between the two theropods would be helpful.

For instance, did they share the same environment?

How do they relate with Spinosaurus in believed lifestyles.

And could a piscivorous existence explain the sail (cold water maybe)?

Fueling the fire

Archosaur J

Oh BTW: Regarding a painting of Suchomimus and Sarcosuchus battling over fish.
Maybe it's just me, but all I could picture is two archosaurs with broken

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