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I am forwarding this letter for Michael Skrepnick, replies should be
directed to him at this email.

Hello everyone,

In the last few months I have been following the Dinosaur List and had the
opportunity to meet several of you at the List Breakfast at SVP (thanks for
the invite Mary!). For those of you I haven't met, I am a palaeo artist in
Alberta Canada and have been recently involved with Paul Sereno/National
Geographic with the reconstruction of _Suchomimus_.

One of the recent drawings completed for NG will appear in the December
issue and has been picked up in a number of newspaper articles on the cusp
of Paul's official announcement in Washington yesterday. In addition to that
first rendering, I am currently working on two paintings of the spinosaur,
one of which will reflect its environment, the other with an interaction
between _Suchomimus_ and _Sarcosuchus_ (hope you like it George). Earlier
this spring in Chicago, Paul, Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas, NG and myself,
discussed restoration of this dinosaur as well as possible behaviors and
interactions with the other unique creatures in that environment. More
surprises coming soon!

For those interested in more information on _Suchomimus_ and its
environment, please note there will be a television special broadcast Sunday
evening at various times. Check the National Geographic website for further

Michael Skrepnick