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Availability of new issues of dinosaur journals

Hi Folks:

With the published description of Sereno's Suchomimus, issue no. 5 of Dinosaur
World will be printed shortly.  This issue offers many items of interest for
dino-philes, including articles concerning:
1.  over ten pages of our popular  "fossil fillers" (i.e. paleontology news)

2.  the liklihood of discovering dinosaurs in Illinois' Cretaceous deposits
(Russell Jacobson)

3.  the historical appeal of spinosaurs (Don Glut)

4.  humped dinosaurs - interview with Jack Bowman Bailey

5.  Mass extinctions - interview with Chuck Pillmore

6.  Book reviews - "The Mistaken Extinction"; "The Complete Dinosaur";
"Dinosaur Valley Girls - the Book" and others......

7.  "Domke's Dinos - Exploring "Ancient Gardens" - (Allen & Diane Debus)

8.  Interview with paleo-sculptor, David Thomas

9.  Chinese dinosaurs (Tracy Ford)

10.  Dinosaurs of Dashanpu (Peter Bucholz)

11.  reconstructing a life sized Pteranodon skeleton (Chris Ott)

12.  Letters on Zdenek Burian, and many other intriguing topics

13.  Dinosaurs of Munchehagen, Germany (Barb Slater)

..................and much, much more.................over 80 pages worth of

To find out more about this issue and to inquire about subscriptions, contact
Allen A. Debus at:  hellcreek@aol.com
Back issues are available.
Also, FOSSIL NEWS is running a series of articles concerning "Evolving
Evolution: What is the real evidence for dinosaur evolution?"  To inquire
about this journal, please e-mail Lynne Clos, Editor of Fossil News, at:

Or visit the Fossil News website at:

There is a link to Dinosaur World's webpage at the Fossil News webpage.
Fossil News is available for $28 for 12 issues, or $15 for an electronic

My best to one & all,

Allen A. Debus