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Hi all...

In one of my newsgroups, someone is saying that the Dinosaurs wiped
themselves out via nuclear bombs, which explains why some fossils are
more radioactive than the surrounding rock.  He is touting this as a
valid theory, based on something he saw on Paleoworld.

Now, the theory itself doesn't really bug me.  After all, to each their
own opinion, right?  But he said that he saw this on Paleoworld, a show
that I thought was a well respected, good science, fact orientated
show.  Did the show really go on about this theory as if it were true
fact, or is this guy misreading a joke that was presented?  Obviously, I
don't get the show where I live, so I really can't argue his point on
this (like I really want to bother with it anyway).

Either that, or there are new findings out there that are ready to turn
the world upside down(note the sarcasm in my voice).

John M. Dollan
Montana State University - Northern
Graduate Assistant
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"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the
  --Carl Sagan