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Re: Paleoworld

not to sound like I'm tooting my own horn but I do have a bit of fossil
bone that appears to have the letters "E", an equals sign, and part of
an "M" scratched into it, and the rest is broken off.  Eventual a scan
of this will make it on to my website into the dead things section.

Of course it's only Miocene.....

-Betty Cunningham

John M. Dollan wrote:
> Hi all...
> In one of my newsgroups, someone is saying that the Dinosaurs wiped
> themselves out via nuclear bombs, which explains why some fossils are
> more radioactive than the surrounding rock.  He is touting this as a
> valid theory, based on something he saw on Paleoworld.
> Either that, or there are new findings out there that are ready to turn
> the world upside down(note the sarcasm in my voice).