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Re: Number of _T. rex_ Skeletons?

Just to confuse the issue more - In the DinoFest International Symposium
Proceedings (from 1996 - published 1998), Peter Larson has a paper entitled
"The King's New Clothes: A Fresh Look at _Tyrannosaurus rex_".  He has a
chart ('Figure 1') in which he lists all the then known specimens of _T.
rex_.  His count from 1996 shows 21 SPECIMENS - 10 of which are represented
by 20% of a skeleton or LESS!  [This is as of 1996].

    For a quick copy of the list  (Specimen, Year of Discovery, Locale,% of
Skeleton, Presumed Sex, and Present Location [Discoverer of specimen not
listed here]),  I have *copied* an Excel file of mine:

Specimen              Year    Locale    % Skeleton    Sex    Present
-----------------           -------   -------       ----------------    ----
--   --------------------------------
BM-R'94, 7995      1900     WY               13%            ?      British
Museum; London
CM-9380                1902     MT               10%            F      CMNH;
Pittsburgh, PA
AMNH-5027           1906     MT               45%           M?   AMNH, NYC
LACM-23844         1966     MT               25%           M     LACM,  Los
Angeles, CA
LACM-23845         1966     MT               12%           ?      LACM, Los
Angeles, CA
MOR-008                1967     MT        40% of skull     F      MOR,
Bozeman, MT
SDSM-12047         1980    SD                25%          ?      SDSMT

Rapid City, SD
TMP.81.12.1           1946    Alb                20%          M      RTMP,
Drumheller, Alberta
TMP.81.6.1             1981    Alb                25%          F       RTMP,
Drumheller, Alberta
MOR-009                1981     MT               15%          ?        MOR,
Bozeman, MT
MOR-555                1988     MT               46%          M       MOR,
Bozeman, MT
SUE-BHI2033        1990     SD               90%          F        Private

now - Field Museum, etc.)
STAN-BHI3033      1992     SD               65%          M       DHMNH, Hill
City SD
DMNH-2827           1992     CO                 2%          ?        DMNH,
Denver CO
Z-rex                        1992     SD               50%?        ?
Private - Kansas
 (aka "Mr. Z-rex")
Bowman                  1993     ND               10%           ?
Bowman, ND
DUFFY-BHI4100    1993     SD               25%+        ?       BHMNH, Hill
City, SD
"Scottie"                  1994    Sask             50%?        M?    RSM,

Regina, Saskatchewan
NS 1550.1.             1994     MT               10%           ?
UW@Madison, WI Museum
FOX 8-12-96          1994     SD               10% +        F      BHIGR,
Inc., Hill City, SD
STEVEN 9-14-95  1995     SD                  ?              ?      BHIGR,
Inc., Hill City, SD

Hope this helps  (This is a re-send, I sent this list as a small attachment,
which came back to me as an error - If you have gotten most of this twice, I

        Allan Edels

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Date: Saturday, November 14, 1998 7:02 PM
Subject: Number of _T. rex_ Skeletons?

>Hi all,
>Can anyone out there help me out and let me know how many _T. rex_
>are known to date?  According to recent "Scientific American" and "Discover
>Magazine" articles, the number is 13; according to a recent documentary
>film, the number is 17.
>If someone can clarify this for me, and preferably supply a good reference
>(or even refs for all the skeletons!), I'd really appreciate it.