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Re: Papers,Reports,etc

>Hi people. :)
>Hope you're all having a good day and yadda yadda yadda...
>I was wondering...
>Where are all these mysterious reports and papers everyone's talking
>about?! How can I get my hands on them?
>You'd be surprised how hard it is for me to get my claws on decent
>dinosaur information...
>My mom keeps on saying she'll subscribe me to this magazine, or that
>magazine, or get me this or that but it rarely pans out.
>Well, I'm going to quit complaining, before I scare everyone off the
>list (And I wouldn't want to do that, 'cause you're all nice people.

Where in Michigan do you live?  I ask because the single greatest source of
such papers is an academic library - one associated with a university or
college.  I know U of M in Ann Arbor has an excellent library, and though
I've never been to MSU, I would be shocked if their library didn't at least
carry the basics (J. Vert. Paleo., etc.).   The same would be true at any
of the good institutions throughout your state, and if you're close enough
to northern Indiana or Chicago, there are plenty of large libraries there
as well.

Not all academic libraries provide universal access to nonstudents, but
most will, and even those that don't will usually issue some sort of
courtesy user's card that permits access to the stacks, if not check-out
privileges.  And all have photocopiers.

Most academic libraries have "new journal day" - the day the new journals
and books are put on the shelf.  I make a point of learning when that is
and hitting the new book shelf that day.  (Unfortunately, so does everyone
else - the result is something looking like vultures at a kill.)  Depending
on how close you are to a university library, it might be worth the weekly

No one individual can possibly subscribe to all journals relevant to his or
her field of work - they're too expensive.   (In fact, many libraries are
beginning to cut subscriptions back, both here and abroad - another issue.)
All of us count on libraries - no matter how hot-wired you've become to the
WWW, expect to spend at least 20 percent of your adult life in a library if
you go into this profession.


Christopher Brochu
Department of Geology
Field Museum of Natural History
Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605