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Re: Paleoworld

In a message dated 11/15/98 4:07:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,
bsaurus@bellatlantic.net writes:

<< I thought I remember seeing some type of report about dinosaur
 scientists being highly concerned over the startup of the new irridium
 based reactor.....
 Or perhaps this was from the Far Side >>

Actually I think the dinosaur scientists were more worried about mainstream
pop culture infiltrating into their world, and spoiling the teenage reptilian
youth.  With the advent of snack foods, most young dinosaurs really didn't
want to go out and hunt, and who would when you can easily rip open a bag of
cheetos rather then stalking some vegan neighbor who is relentless chanting
Yanni music, while wearing cinnamon and lavendar scented incense sticks.  I
think the real shame was that nuclear reactors were just a small step in
solving this process of pop culture annihilation, and not even that really
cured the entire process as Dick Clark seemed to survive it.