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Re: Papers,Reports,etc

In a message dated 11/15/98 3:48:00 PM Eastern Standard Time,
bettyc@flyinggoat.com writes:

<< what does one do in the case where you've been waiting for a paper to
 come out so as to incorporate it as a reference, and someone ELSE gets
 first crack at the library copy?
 is bribery common or do you just wait down a dark alley for them to come
 by? >>

In the old days, when the local library had 'special interest' magazines, the
staff were popular.  Nowadays, with interlibrary loans, even books have become
unavailable.  Oh, there are sightings occasionally, and a few calls will find
someone who once held the book in their hands.  S/he is able to remember the
experience pretty clearly, unless it was a different book with a similar
I recommend used book stores; some professor has made any interesting book
(often his/her own) required reading, and the available copies are usually in
mint condition.  (Even the exceptions are worthwile because they show why your
predecessor with the book did not do well in the course.  People who do well
keep the book.)
Anyway, with a university library, a friendly staff member will let you know
when the faculty is finished and you can intercept it.  Just don't let other
students see you, or you will be befriended yourself.