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Re: Papers,etc:More clarification

May I suggest that you look in the books available to you for short
references you find interesting.  Post the references and ask that anyone
who has access to them forward a xerox to you.  Check the references in the
papers you receive and post a request for any of those references you are
interested in.  Pretty soon you will build up a pretty good supply of
reference material (I keep mine in cardboard boxes).  Keep in mind that
library xeroxes usually cost about 7-10 cents apiece, and it will take any
volunteers about 20 minutes to copy 30 pages, so costs will build up pretty
quickly.  I would be willing to xerox some papers for you, and I'm sure a
lot of the other folks would as well.
Jim Cunningham

GOBI 2010 wrote:
>publications are most likely to have dinosaur/paleontology stuff in them?