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New at Dinosauria On-Line

   Two new items people might be interested in.

   A new volume in the Omnipedia called "Writer's Guide."  Currently it
includes only sections on how to form plurals and vernacular names (material
taken directly from the List).  If there's anything you'd like added or can
add please drop me a line.

   A whole new division called Dino-Dispatches by Translation and
Pronunciation Guide author Ben Creisler:

   "Dino-Dispatches are short articles that attempt to bring together
information from technical publications, popular media, internet resources,
and personal communications to provide an up-to-date review of new
discoveries and new thinking on topics related to dinosaurs and other
Mesozoic animals."

   Ben hopes to produce frequent Dispatches.  The first is about pliosaurs
(and just to tantalize those who have asked for it, I believe the first
installment being on pliosaurs signals the near completion of his
Plesiosauria Translation and Pronunciation Guide).

   As always, the URL is http://www.dinosauria.com

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