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Serendipity (was Re: Papers,Reports,etc)

At 03:55 PM 11/15/98 -0500, Chris Brochu wrote:

>>Go to university library or museum library. And know what you want, or you'll
>>waste time.
>I respectfully disagree.  Some of my most valuable discoveries have come
>from blindly flipping through journals in a library.

Seconded.  The biomechanical part of my disseratation (and 1995 paper on the
arctometatarsus) began while I was bored out of my gourd while the Mac II I
was running at the U.S. Geological Survey was chugging away at yet another
ostracod faunal analysis.  I went to the shelves of the library, started
looking through past issues of Paleobiology, and came across Jeff Thomason's
paper on biomechanics of tridactyl horse feet...

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