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Re: Papers, Reports, etc.

It`s all a lot of crap! (me venting here). All thgis paleo info should be available to the public,..and at an affordable price! J of vert. Pal. and especially Nature magazine should be available on the internet at least for a muich reduced subscription, what does it cost them to put it on the internet?? And what about the Library of Congress, our taxes are paying for what?? I guess I`m being nieve (as usual), but I expected on getting on the internet to have access to much of this info. I`m sadly dissappointed. I have just moved up to the sticks, and can no longer find ANYTHING I want. I ordered "beginnings of birds" by interlibrary loan, and was surprised to actually get it 5 months later! I just requested (2 weeks ago), papers that I need to investigate my some of my ideas, when will I get them? Who knows. I`ve been out of toutch with this field for almost 20 years, and the only way to get better informed seems to be to buy books (and we all know that periodicals ar more up to date). I`ve said it before, if we want a better informed public, we had better make sure the resources are at least available!.......(just me venting).