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Re: Ref request

>3. *Pristichampsus* (panzercroc)

I'd start with Langston's 1975 paper in Fieldiana:Geology and go with the
references therein.  Jin-Ling Li's papers on Planocrania are also worth
looking at - it's probably a pristichampsine.

For that matter, Quinkana is worth a closer look, though it's almost
certainly a derived mekosuckine crocodyloid and not a pristichampsine.

This is not an exhaustive list of references, but should get y'all started:

Langston, W.  1975.  Ziphodont crocodiles:  Pristichampsus vorax (Troxell),
new combination, from the Eocene of North America.  Fieldiana: Geology,

Li, J.L.  1984.  A new species of Planocrania from Hengdong, Hunan.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 22:123-133.

Willis, P.M.A., and B. Mackness.  1996.  Quinkana babarra, a new species of
ziphodont crocodile from the early Pliocene Bluff Downs Local Fauna,
northern Australia with a revision of the genus.  Proceedings and Journal
of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 116:143-151.


Christopher Brochu
Department of Geology
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