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Charles R. Knight, Dunkleosteus and administrivia

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998 16:51:18 -0500 (EST) I wrote:

> Do I need to send a message once a week telling everybody why this
> list is here?

It appears that the answer is yes...  I hope I don't need to say
anything more on this.  At least until next week.  Consider yourselves

But since I'm here let me forward a couple of messages that were sent
by people who aren't currently subscribed (these messages were
intended for distribution but were filtered out by listproc; in each
case if you'd like the authors to see any response you might have,
please direct your response appropriately):

--------------------------------- forwarded message # 1
  From:  Gary L. Jackson  gjackson@cmnh.org
  Date:  14 Nov. 1998

  In searching for information on Dunkleosteus I ran across a
  communication to you from Glen Kuban, (31 July 97-
  paleo@ix.netcom.com) concerning Dunkleosteus sculptures and
  reconstructions.  In it he refers to a 16 foot reconstruction done
  for the "Cleveland Before Cleaveland" exhibit.  He mistakenly
  credits "Tim Riedel and others" for the work.
   Dan Erickson, (of the Exhibit Museum, Ann Arbor, Mich.) was the
  model maker on this project, with Dr. Mike Williams of the
  Cleve. Museum of Natural History and Dr. John Maisey of the American
  Museum of Natural History as consultants. Only two models were
  made. The AMNH has the other.  Dan also created, (with Dr. Williams
  as consultant), a beautiful, full sized model of the Devonian shark
  An earlier full sized reconstuction of Dunkleosteus, (late fifties
  of early sixties) was done by Ellen Walters, former head of the
  exhibits dept. for the Cleveland Museum.  It hangs in the Rocky
  River Nature Center in North Olmsted, Ohio.
  Thank You, Gary
--------------------------------- forwarded message # 2

  From: Larry Mathews <lvm@dpfnapa.com>
  To: dbgoldma@syr.edu
  Subject: Charles Knight?

  Hi --
  I found your site on the Internet and hope you can help me.  I have
  a painting by Charles R. Knight (panoramic) that I want to sell.  Do
  you know who I might contact?  Do you have any other suggestions?
  Many thanks.

--------------------------------- end of forwarded messages

I have no additional information on these.  Please don't ask me if the
painting is an original...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)