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Re: PRONUNCIATIONS (WAS: NG Explorer _Suchomimus_ feature)

Mary Kirkaldy wrote:
> According to how the name was pronounced throughout the show, and
> the preferred pronounciation of the ending "mimus" (MIEM-us), it    > should 
> be "Sook-oh-MIEM-us," with a long "i" sound.

I have always had grave concerns about how names *are* pronounced and
how they *should* be pronounced. ;-)
> Similarly, from the Dinosauria On-Line Dinosaur Omnipedia:
> > Gallimimus Osmolska, Roniewcz & Barsbold 1972 "chicken mimic"
> > GAL-i-MIEM-us (Lat. gallus "rooster, chicken" + Gr. mimos "mimic) 

How is "mimos" pronounced in Greek? "Mimic", obviously, is not
pronounced with a "long i".

Not tryin' t'be pedantic, just curious.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)