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Re: Number of _T. rex_ Skeletons?

According to the "Census of Tyrannosaurus rex Skeletons" compiled for Appendix
II of the Sotheby's  October 4, 1997 T. rex Auction Catalog, there are 22
"partial" T. rex skeletons of which "Sue" was the most complete as of the time
of publication.


"Ben S. Roesch" wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can anyone out there help me out and let me know how many _T. rex_ skeletons
> are known to date?  According to recent "Scientific American" and "Discover
> Magazine" articles, the number is 13; according to a recent documentary
> film, the number is 17.
> If someone can clarify this for me, and preferably supply a good reference
> (or even refs for all the skeletons!), I'd really appreciate it.
> cheers
> Ben

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