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Re: Papers, etc.:More Clarification

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998, Jim Cunningham wrote:
>Keep in mind that
>library xeroxes usually cost about 7-10 cents apiece, and it will take any
>volunteers about 20 minutes to copy 30 pages, so costs will build up pretty
>quickly.  I would be willing to xerox some papers for you, and I'm sure a
>lot of the other folks would as well.
>Jim Cunningham
If anyone out there will do me a BIG favor, and will be in the vicinity of Journal of Vert Paleo in the next week or so, I`ll pay 25 cents per page, and postage to get at least 40 pages of info. I know, won`t make you rich, but I`m on fixed income here. (and desperate!) Thanks.