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Re: Charles R. Knight, Dunkleosteus and administrivia

In a message dated 98-11-16 12:08:21 EST, you write:

 On Mon, 9 Nov 1998 16:51:18 -0500 (EST) I wrote:
 > Do I need to send a message once a week telling everybody why this
 > list is here?
 It appears that the answer is yes...  I hope I don't need to say
 anything more on this.  At least until next week.  Consider yourselves
 scolded. >>

  I dunno about this one, Mickey. Intimating that a post about Chas.R.Knight
is some how off-list is rather like suggesting that certain scribbles on the
ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are off-Catholic.
  By the way, I'm sure the guy sold the painting ten minutes after you posted.
I think 40% would be in order. Then we could have a real party in Denver at
SVP next fall! Dan Varner.