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In answer to my questions about the K-T strike, Dinogeorge@aol.com

>> 1) Any estimates of the time between the impact and the time the      >> 
>> iridium layer was created?>>
> A few hours, days, or weeks.
>> 2) How close to the iridium layer are dinosaur fossils found? >>
> Right up to it in the Deccan traps, according to Chatterjee, but never > 
> above it.

So within a few hours, days, or weeks ALL DINOSAURS (yeah, yeah, and
lotsa other things) were dead? ALL of them?

And thanks to George and Dr. Holtz for answering my question about
_Suchomimus_ digits. That's why I asked; the reproduction of the
illustration in the newspaper was tiny (4 inches long and about 1.5
inches tall), and it's printed on newsprint. Certainly not the best way
to view such a detailed drawing. Thanks for the clarification guys! 

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)