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Re: Suchomimus vs Baryonyx: Dare to Compare

what precludes the whole body of Suchomimus from ungulating while
I think that might be a tad hasty, unless the article reinforced
something I haven't seen yet. (not having seen teh article, I can't say 
Even terrestrial lizards (such as the one in the study at Vassar I
posted) have no problems ungulating while swimming to locomote-as long
as they don't have fused vertebrae or rigid tendons along the spine to
keep it from doing so.

-Betty Cunningham

tlford@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> Lets examine this. We have to play the picture all the way through. Sure
> it has a skull that looks similar to that of a ghavial. But the nostrals
> are still on the side of the skull and not the top, so it didn't float
> like a ghavial. It couldn't swim like a ghavial. The whole body
> ungulates, not just the tail. So we rule out swimming to catch a fish
> (it would have to have been a deep river, lake, to begin with).