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Re: Papers,Reports,etc

<<  I respectfully disagree.  Some of my most valuable discoveries have come
 >  from blindly flipping through journals in a library.>>

 PS. It's nice to go to an Oceanographic Institue Library and pick up
 Paleontology articles. There usually still there since everyone else is
 looking for Oceanigraphic stuff.>>

Wholehearted agreement with both, (especially when you run across something
like those Proceedings of the US Nat'l Museum in the 1900s or so with the
redescription of Morosaurus agilis, Brachauchenius skull papers, and
descriptions of edestoid sharks in the same volume!) but unfortunately where
subscriptions are being cut, Oceanographic Institutes are going to get rid of
the paleo-type stuff first. Having worked in such a place for some years now
I've encountered the "death" of Lethaia, Paleontology, and several others

-Christian Kammerer