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Re: Paleoworld

I still favor the story that appeared in that reputable paper - I think it
was the Weekly World (or was that the Daily World?) - way back in 1986.  The
dinosaurs were killed off by trophy hunting Martians, who used Iridium
rayguns to kill dinosaurs and take their heads.  Several live specimens were
taken as well, but they underestimated the total mass, and their Iridum
powered spaceship exploded, killing off the rest of the dinosaurs, and
covering the planet with Iridium dust.  (It was a VERY big spacecraft).
This conveniently explains the dinosaur extinction, the crater in Mexico,
the Iridium layer, and the usual condition of dinosaur specimens - i.e.
headless wonders!

    Tongue Firmly In Cheek!

        Allan Edels

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>In a message dated 11/15/98 8:26:31 AM, John M. Dollan wrote:
><<someone is saying that the Dinosaurs wiped themselves out via nuclear
>This reminds me of a hilarious article I read about ten years ago in -- I
>think -- Natural History Magazine. It was illustrated with a weapon-toting
>theropod, and facetiously made the case that heavy metal contamination and
>extinction of large animals are signs of OUR times, so maybe dinos went out
>we may, by pollution or nuclear means. It was cute.
>    Tom Hopp