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Re: Thanks : postcranial

postcranial material includes such general things as:
-hands (whether or not they were designed for grasping)
-shoulder articulation (whether the arms could spread wide enough to
grasp around a trunk)
-spine (whether or not the regular posture of the animal would allow
tree climbing-particularily up a vertical trunk like a squirrel does)
-feet (whether or not the animal was designed to stand in trees)

these are general clues that the shape of the post cranial material
would help indicate the lifestyle of that animal.

I'm not sure what instances were on the animal you were reading about.

-Betty Cunningham

siriraks arrathrakorn wrote:
> Thanks you for your information on postcranial skull but I still not
> know why postcranial structure is importance for climbing tree trunk.
> Information about confuciciusornis in NATURE are not yet clear.
> Would you please tell me some information about this or how can I find
> it?