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Hi All,
Just to be correct here,and even more confusing, I thought I would add
my two cents worth. "Mimus" in Greek is pronounced Mee-moose with the
accent on the first syllable. English is unique in pronouncing the
letter "i" as we do. Most other languages treat this like the Greeks
do. To get the English long "i" you need a dipthong like "ai" to get
that particular sound. 

---Betty Cunningham <bettyc@flyinggoat.com> wrote:
> 'mime' as in those nasty silent types is from the same root as 'mimos'
> meaning 'someone who mimics'
> aint english grand?
> -Betty Cunningham
> Brian Franczak wrote:
> > How is "mimos" pronounced in Greek? "Mimic", obviously, is not
> > pronounced with a "long i".
> > 
> > Not tryin' t'be pedantic, just curious.
> > 
> > Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)
> > http://www.paleolife-art.com

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