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More on the Titanosaur eggs find

The Reuters article (by Grant McCool) on the dinosaur embryos find 
in Patagonia has more details from the press conference.  National
Geographic will also feature an article on the find in its December

An excerpt:
> Chiappe's colleague Rodolfo Coria, director of the Museo Municipal 
> Carmen Funes in Neuquen, Argentina, said the excavation could open 
> ``large doors that have remained closed for years'' on the knowledge of 
> physiology and growing rates of sauropods. He said researchers might 
> also be able to reject or support hypothesis about the dinosaurs that 
> have been based on skeleton remains of adults. 

> Researchers said that some of the embryonic specimens had 
> preserved, such as tiny teeth about 1/10th of an inch long. The eggs 
> were around 5 to 6 inches (12.7 cm to 15.2 cm) in diameter and the 
> anatomy of bones and teeth indicated that they were embryos of 
> sauropod dinosaurs, towering creatures that had a long tail, a long neck, 
> a small head and four elephant-type legs.