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Probable Titanosaur Eggs Discovered

The AP is reporting the find of fossil Titanosaur eggs in Patagonia.
For the complete article, see:

The paper will appear in Thursday's Nature.  An excerpt:

> NEW YORK (AP) -- Scientists have found a vast dinosaur nesting 
> site in Argentina that includes thousands of fossil eggs. Inside egg 
> fragments, they found the first embryo remains from a major class of 
> large dinosaurs, and first definite fossils of embryo skin from any 
> dinosaur. 

Luis Chiappe and Lowell Dingus describe the find.  Another passage,
which seems to be screwed up on the Washington Post site, reads:

> The badlands site, which covers a square mile, is littered with 
> dark-gray fossil fragments of round, rough-textured, six-inch eggs. `
>`You see eggshells everywhere,'' said Luis Chiappe of the American
> Museum of Natural History in New York.