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Re:Isotopic Evidence for the K-T Impactor and Its Type

I talked with the Dept. of Geology at the Univ. of SC last year and they are working on this issue with others.  I believe they think the crater is at least 150km and likely larger.  I haven't read the reference Gautam refers to but obviously there is dispute about the size.  What are the issues to settle the matter?
Michael Teuton
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Date: Tuesday, November 17, 1998 9:48 AM
Subject: Re:Isotopic Evidence for the K-T Impactor and Its Type

Mon, Nov. 16, 1998 , Gautam Majumdar writes:

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>Stanley Friesen <sarima@ix.netcom.com> wrote

>>And I
>>have certainly heard suggestions that at least one mid-Cenozoic crater is
>>known of comparable magnitude.

>Recent work showed that the Chicxulub crater was about 100 km is diameter.
>The prominent 175-190 km feature is actually a fault scarp. Thus its size is
>comparable to both Popigai (100 km) and Chesapeake Bay (85 km) impact
>craters (both 35-36 mya) which were not associated with any extinction event.

>Morgan J, Warner M & The Chicxulub Working Group, Size and morphology
>of the Chicxulub impact crater, Nature 1997; 390: 472-76

>Melosh H J, Multi-ringed revelation, Nature 1997; 390: 439-40

>Stoffler D, Claeys P, Earth rocked by combination punch, Nature 1997; 388:

>Kerr R A, Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Confirmed, Science 1995; 269:

>Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk
PS, Don`t forget that other crater...the "Shiva Crater" mentioned by Chatterjee as a possible simultaneous impact (with the Chixalube). He gives it`s dimensions as 600 km long and 450km wide! (unless of course you want to "scale that down" a bit)?
Larry Febo.