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An Idea!

After seeing so many excellent and meticulous, technical, revamped websites
(like Keesey's, Pooling's, Headden's and so forth) I have an idea for a
request. I've always wanted to have a quick reference for related fauna and
flora for each particular period or era and in each particular site in the
world (for example, I would like to see a complete cross reference of the
known Campanian fauna in Argentina or South America... or anything
similar... if there's any).
Something like that would be also incredibly useful for any artist that
wants to recreate massive scenes of interactive dinosaurs accurately. I
know material is scrappy, but it would improve the vague formula of the
usual "Dinosaurs from South America" (that would include every artistic
license regarding living time scale of the species in order to make it more

So come on you all obsessive, fastidious perfectionists! Remember that
Darren Naish and Scott Hartman are also reading this.

Luis Rey

Visit my Website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey